Famille Summerbelle city maps

Paris-Sage-GreenOne of the many reasons I love working on Babyccino is because I get to meet so many hugely talented people.

Recently I met up with Julie from Famille Summerbelle and I was blown away by her work. I had come across Famille Summerbelle lots of times on blogs and in magazines, so I was really intrigued to learn how Julie creates her unique pieces. She hand draws the creations and then laboriously cuts them out with a scalpel. I reckon that if Julie ever needs another job, she could moonlight as a surgeon! The end result is an intricate piece of lattice work.

She has recently created some beautiful maps of London, Paris and New York this way. Perfect for my household where I have one little Londoner and one little Parisian. I am trying to figure out how I can justify getting the New York one…. maybe I can pretend I’m a New Yorker in spirit??

Have a look here at the lovely Famille Summerbelle collection including the city maps, cushions and paper banners.

– Emilie


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October 14, 2009

I’d loved to have Paris map!
Surely will I ask Santa Klaus……

June 18, 2010

[…] you remember the beautiful hand-cut city maps from Famille Summerbelle? We’ve mentioned them a few times here on Babyccino Kids — […]

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