Counting and adding Sticks, Montessori Style

Counting Sticks

Tila just loves to count and learn new numbers and since she’s not the sit-and-learn type of kid I decided to try something that would help her learn simple math like adding through a play.

So I made this simple counting/adding tool and I was so amazed at how quickly she learned to add numbers to 10 with them. In just under half an hour she could add numbers and then she could actually add most of them even without the sticks! So I decided it’s something I need to share with you.

Counting Sticks

There is nothing special about these sticks, they are simple Popsicle Craft Sticks and I painted 10 of them red and the other ten blue just because I thought it would be easier to count the first number of sticks in one color and add them in another plus in case she’d make a mistake at counting they wouldn’t mix. For instance: if I ask her how much is 5+4 and she takes 5 of the red ones and only 3 of the blue ones I can ask her if she’s sure she took the right amount of both and then she can correct herself by either counting both individually or even just by looking at them (she can immediately recognize there are only 3 blue sticks).

You can also write the numbers down, so she or he can see what the actual numbers look like in writing. Simply write the numbers 1 to 10 (or more if they know them) on little square papers two times (or more – you can also ask how much is 2+2+2+1 for instance and you’ll need three 2s for that) and put the correct numbers in front of them when asking. I wish I knew math can be fun when I was 6.

Isn’t it funny how the most amazing things in life are usually also the most simple ones?


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September 15, 2015

What a great idea! So simple but so effective. I’m going to do this with my son this afternoon.

September 15, 2015

I’m so glad you like it Rachel. It really is one of the simplest if not the simplest crafts I’ve ever done. And one of my favourites too! I couldn’t believe how fast Tila grasped the concept of adding.

September 16, 2015

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September 17, 2015

Definitely doing this!

September 29, 2015

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October 3, 2015

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