Versatile, merino wool wonders from Smalls!

smalls merino wear

Hello from South Tirol! We’re currently enjoying a week in the mountains, submerged in the beautiful nature and culture of the Dolomites. We’re staying in a lovely family run hotel (Hotel Al Plan in San Vigilio di Marebbe) and skiing every day. The children are in ski classes (meanwhile picking up some Italian!), and Tamar and I are hitting the slopes together. My dad came along as well, which is just perfect, as he doesn’t ski anymore but is happy to help out with the smaller kids.

Packing for this trip has been a huge affair — I already find it challenging to pack my own bags for a skiing holiday, let alone adding 4 children! Outerwear, thermowear, loungewear, sleepwear, formal wear — sunscreen, helmets, snow boots, etc etc…  A lot of things to think of! But now that we’ve been here for a few days I’m starting to discover our key pieces, and the merino wool basics of Smalls are an absolute winner. They are the perfect pyjamas for crisp and frosty winter nights. Then they become the most comfortable, second skin layer of thermo wear. And after skiing, when the shells are stripped of, the kids hang out in the cosy hotel lobby using their cute Smalls pieces as lounge wear. So versatile! (If they didn’t need a bath every now and then they could just wear the same layer 24/7!)

smalls merino wear

Smalls clothing are a bit of an investment, but they’re made to last long — cuffs fold or unfold to accommodate growing children, and shirts have a nice, longer cut as well. Also, I love how easy to care for the pieces are — of course wool pieces don’t need extensive washing, but when I do wash them they go on a regular 40 degrees cycle (no wool wash), and I even dry them in the tumble dryer. And after a year of wearing and washing, the pieces still look like new.

OK, time to enjoy my aperativo now… Ciao from Italy!

xxx Esther


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February 24, 2016

Hi Esther,
We just spent a week in Tirol (the Austrian side) at a Kinderhotel with 4 families and we brought my father along as well. I loved reading your post as it sounded almost identical to our week! We loved every minute of our wonderful ski holiday as well. Here is our little post:
I am missing my apero!
Take care,

February 24, 2016

Dear Ester and family!

I (privately) follow babyccino kids an you gorgeous families for quite a while now on all your channels and i am a big fan- enjoying your pictures and tips every day (even i’ve no kiddos yet ;))feeling so inspired by such cool entrepreneurs,gorgeous pics and beautiful comments – to learn that you are in my homeregion (i am from Bruneck near San Vigilio) makes me even more happy!! 🙂
As I work in the tourismoffice and obviously if you are not to busy in these days with skiing I would be happy to invite your family to Sand in Taufers (Campo Tures) – If you want to visit the -also for kids very impressive- castle (also possibile by night with lanterns on Thursdays 8pm) or to learn the techniques of felting in our little sheepwool museum I would be glad to invite your fam. Campo Tures is a little village about half an hour drive from San Vigilio. I just want to offer – as a big babyccinokids fan 🙂 just in case pn me! thanks for your inspirations day by day and enjoy the sunny day! bis bald, a presto! Kathi

Esther in Amsterdam
February 25, 2016

Thank you dear Kathi for your sweet comment and encouraging words!! We love the region and the Bruneck slopes are our favourites — beautiful runs with the most stunning views!!!
Sara and Pim are in ski classes all day this week, so we don’t have any time left for sightseeing unfortunately… However, we’re planning to be back here in the summer — I will email you about that!! Thank you so much for your kind invite, it might very well work out in the summer!!
Speak soon!

February 26, 2016

Dear Esther!!
Thanks so much for your reply!Nice to hear, that you are enjoying your holiday so far ! I already thought that you will be busy and it’s absolutely much better to stay outside enjoying this stunning weather and the view!!I wish I could do the same instead of looking at the mountains from inside the office 😉

Great that you’ll come back in summer! Obviously without any obligation- If you want to leave me an e-mail I can meanwhile send you some summer-ideas – just for you to browse! 🙂

so again – enjoy to the fullest and travel home safe!
xx Kathi

February 24, 2016

Enjoy your holiday! I love Casper’s big smile in the bottom photo….such a cutie ❤️.

Courtney in London
February 24, 2016

Ciao to you all in Italy!!! Big hugs from all of us in Sydney! 🙂
And a special happy birthday squeeze for Pim!!!

p.s. Cute photos of your kiddos. xx

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