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This summer was wonderful, and we had some great times hanging out with Esther and her family (sadly it feels already sooo far away now).  First in the country, then in the city – I think our kids are now so used to each other that they just all bundle together and get on with things – it really does feel like family.


Anyway, on the way back, at the end of summer, Esther’s whole clan stopped in Paris and we had a fun weekend roving around, chatting and playing. Ava and Vivi were like two little monkeys climbing on everything they could find and trying to hang upside down as much as possible. Little dresses are not the most practical clothes for this type of activity, so we were very lucky to have just received a package for the lovely team at Little Pushkin. I really do love their style: simple, practical, funky children’s wear.


The girls felt so free and comfortable – it was so much fun to watch. The clothes are great both for girls and boys and they really well made. Violette loved her denim ensemble – a pair of culottes and a cute little jacket. Ava jumped around in a soft merino wool sweater and pants , which was super cozy and easy to wear. I love seeing kids feeling free and confortable!


There is something quite timeless about these clothes, as they do not stick to fashion you usually see.This might be because the idea of the brand was first thought of in Tokyo, designed in Milan and now is based in Moscow – so it does not follow any  specific regional trends. Instead it focuses on kids and designing clothes that children will like as much as their parents. The new winter collection is a testament to this; it really feels like a labour of love. A sports teacher of mine used to say: “There is no such thing as bad weather, only wrong clothes!” Well, I say: bring on the colder weather – we now have the right clothes to be cozy in, and stylish too!

Emilie xxx


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