Craft Tutorial: Peg dolls with hair!

I’m so glad we picked so many treasures in the forest throughout the autumn because there’s not much more outside to see (or pick) as everything here in the southern part of Germany is now covered in snow!

Do you also do that? Pick different types and shapes of sticks, leaves, acorn hats, cones etc. and than make different kinds of crafts with them in the winter? I made these super darling acorn people a while ago and Tila played with them a lot. And then I found some left over mohair wool the other day and came up with an idea of giving them hair! Different hairstyles even. And they turned out so much better than I have ever expected that I knew I had to share. Of course, like all of my crafts, they are super simple to create, don’t worry!

So the things you need are:

-Little peg dolls
-Acorn hats
-Brushes (I use two: super fine detail brush for face and edges and a flat one to paint the rest of the body)
-Mohair wool (or any other really thin one I guess)

Note: please don’t be confused by my the photos because I made these dolls twice and the first time I glued their hair and hats first which was a mistake because when I painted their bodies their hair got in the way and even stuck to the paint. It was a small mess. So, on the photo where the hat and hair is glued on, the body and face should already be painted!

Ok, let’s get started:

First paint their bodies. As mentioned above I use super fine detail brush for parts below the neck in order to make as straight of a line as possible and then a flat brush to paint the rest of the body. Use one or two coats. Let the paint dry completely and finish them with a glossy sealer to avoid chipping and scratches. You can use two coats of sealer as well.

Paint their faces on if you wish — I only drew their eyes.

Now cut a piece of cardboard (about 6 x 10 cm) and wind the wool around one side (for longer hairstyles use the wider side or the narrower one for shorter hairstyles). The more you wind the fuller the hairstyle will be. Cut the end.

Cut a piece of wool about 10 cm long, use a tapestry needle or just bend the cardboard enough to slip the piece of wool between the cardboard and the winded wool. If you wish to do a really long hairstyle wind wool around the longer part of cardboard, tie a knot in the middle, turn the cardboard around and cut through all the wool in the middle.

Depending on how long the hair you wish to be use the suitable site. If you want to do two hairstyles at once tie two knots in the middle on both sides and than cut on one edge and than also in the middle (look at pictures above).

Now put thin layer of glue on top of head, put the hair on and pour a small amount of glue directly in an acorn hat and put it on top of hair. Hold in place for about 5 minutes and leave to dry completely. Best over night. Again – on this photo above the buddy should already have his body and eyes painted.

Now do the most fun part — style their hair!



You can read more from Polona on her blog Baby Jungle or visit her online boutique Baby Jungle shop!


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Julie Gallagher
January 27, 2017

I love this idea! So cute with the crazy hair!

Esther in Amsterdam
January 27, 2017

This is the MOST adorable craft project ever!!!!!! xxx

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