The Mama Bundle from Francis & Henry

I have recently been in touch with the lovely Aleksandra, founder and designer behind the new Polish label, Francis & Henry. Aleksandra is the eldest of eight children and a mama of two young boys (named Francis and Henry). Over email, we’ve bonded over our shared position as eldest in a big family and our many similar personality traits, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know this inspiring mama and business woman.

Aleksandra very generously sent me one of her new mama bundles — a beautiful boxed set for pregnant and new mothers — and I have been living in the super soft nursing dress and robe. It is the first thing I want to put on when I come home after a long day out, and it’s comfortable to sleep in as well.

Aleksandra told me that in Poland, where she is from, many women give birth in their husband’s old t-shirts. She said that while she doesn’t think there’s any problem with that (it’s what she wore to give birth to both of her boys), she realised what a big difference it would make when packing your hospital bag if you could put in something extra special and luxuriously comfortable for yourself to wear at such a magical and memorable moment of your life. So she started creating a bundled set of soft, comfy pieces to pack in your hospital bag and to be able to wear in those beautiful, sleepy days after giving birth.

It’s definitely what I plan to be wearing in 5 weeks when the time comes for me…!!!

Courtney x

p.s. Francis & Henry is now offering a 15% discount on all products. Please use discount code BABYCCINO15 at check-out!


This post was sponsored by Francis & Henry, a new member of our shopping portal and a brand we naturally love and support. 


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February 6, 2017

I just received my mama bundle last week and am living in the dress! You’re right – it’s so comfortable and perfect for breastfeeding. I wear it with the Storq bra and together they make nursing (particularly at night – no clips, etc) so easy. It’s such a flattering shape too. I plan to buy another for my sister who is expecting in July – it arrives so beautifully packaged, makes a perfect gift. Plus the swaddle is the sweetest 🙂 x

February 6, 2017

Totally unrelated question: Do you recommend any particular brand of prenatal vitamins or supplements during pregnancy? Looking to switch it up, but there are so many out there!

Annie from Brimful
February 6, 2017

Looks so comfy! Anything that is inspired by a man’s t-shirt is a surely a win ☺.

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