My favourite dress (and it’s pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly!)

A couple years ago, at the start of our family travels, I discovered the newly opened Christy Dawn shop in Venice, California. We were renting a house around the corner and I managed to sneak off one morning (without kids!) for a little browse around the shop. I loved everything in the entire store, but there was one dress I completely fell for: the original ‘Dawn Dress‘ which is based on a vintage dress of the same style as was the inspiration for the entire collection. I deliberated for about three days (did I really need another dress?!) before realising I just had to have it.

Of all the items in my closet, I think it is that dress which is my most favourite piece. I’ve worn it at least a hundred times, and was so happy to see that it fit over my growing bump in pregnancy and, because of the snap closure at the top, it is breastfeeding-friendly as well! It’s the perfect dress! (Above, I’ve shared two photos — one from our year of travel and one from this past Christmas when I was 6 months pregnant.) I bought a second Dawn Dress in a darker floral pattern for my brother’s wedding last year, and after Wilkie was born, I invested in a third one. I think it’s safe to say it’s my mama uniform.

The Christy Dawn website is updated regularly with new styles, but they almost always have at least a couple of the Dawn Dresses in stock. I’m a sucker for the floral patterns, but they also have plain cotton versions too.

Courtney x


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Lara in Paris
June 14, 2017

Love love love the Dawn Dress and have been asking myself for over a year now if I really need it… Will have to have one at one point I guess! 😉

June 14, 2017

Oh Courtney! That’s so naughty for sharing they are so beautiful and feminine. I’ve seen at least 5 already that I’m not going to stop thinking about now 🙂 x

Courtney in Australia
June 15, 2017

Haha! I know, right? I hope you’re able to narrow down your choice to one! Good luck. xx

June 14, 2017

So pretty! I’m definitely going to be perusing their site. My favorite Mon Petit Oiseau vintage-y sundress finally bit the dust after about 12-15 years of wear, so it’s time to invest in a great dress.

Courtney in Australia
June 15, 2017

Oooh those dresses that last 15 years are the absolute BEST! I definitely think dresses like this are a wonderful investment when you think how timeless they are. xx

June 14, 2017

Such lovely Dresden! Do you know where you can buy them in Europe ? 🙂

Thank you!

Courtney in Australia
June 15, 2017

I don’t think they wholesale their pieces to other shops. I think you’ll have to order directly from them. x

June 14, 2017

I bought a Dawn dress after one your articles last year on a number of brands and have worn it sooo many times, although it’s one of my more expensive items in my closet it’s cost per wear makes it so worth it 👌🏼

June 15, 2017

I have a question about sizing. I see that the Dawn Dress is “one size” fits all. Do you have a “one size” dress? If so, do you find that you can use the drawstring to adjust it accordingly? Thanks so much!

Courtney in Australia
June 16, 2017

Hi Sarah,
Yes, I have the ‘one size’ dress and I do find that the drawstring makes the dress quite flexible for different sizes. Even the fact that I could wear that dress with a fully ripe baby bump (and larger breasts) is a testament to how it accommodates different sizes! x

June 20, 2017

Oh I love the Dawn Dress! I have three ones myself and definitively prefer the ones in this crinkle kind of fabric, I’m quite tiny (just 158cm) and they fit me the best! The one in the pictures above is that kind of fabric too, right? Your style is gorgeous! I’m always so inspired. Thank you!

Sophie in Denmark
July 20, 2018

Hi Courtney! I’ve been eyeing these dresses for a while – they’re so pretty and versatile! But I wonder if they’ll fit me (I’m 1.63 m) – and a one size rarely ever fits me. You’re quite petite too, right? And are they right for you sizewise?

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