Tricks and Treats — a collection of Halloween Ideas

Trick or treat? Do you celebrate Halloween? What do you prefer — silly or spooky? Funny or ghoulish? In a lot of Europe it is considered a very American holiday. And as an American living in London, I am happy to see that it is becoming more popular each year. Dressing up (fancy dress as they say here), a few decorations, and a bit of fun. I think it depends on your child’s / children’s age though. Last Halloween a few of our team shared their last-minute decor and recipe ideas on Instagram so we wanted to share them again with Halloween only a few weeks away. (A great last minute costume idea is here too!)

Esther was super creative and at dinner served her children severed fingers out of hot dogs, (ketchup on the ends would add to the drama)! And her eyeball eggs with olives sat in bloody tomato soup, with little veins made out of beetroot juice painted on. So clever! So gross! But fun. The gory feast was accompanied by spooky background tunes, however they got so scared that they asked her to turn the music off — ha! 

I’ve always enjoyed the lighter, slightly more Autumnal side of Halloween and the playfulness of the holiday. My children are also a bit younger, so I don’t want to spook them (too much). These simple clementines with permanent marker faces are a fun substitute for sweets and candy. (Although we have our fair share of those after going trick-or-treating!). And that simple centrepiece can be made with a ‘bouquet’ of autumn leaves which last in water for a few days. 

These passionfruit and blueberry eyeballs were pretty gory, but yummy too! And pomegranate adds to the drama.

Then to clean up after a day of face paint and fun, I made a magic witch’s cauldron in the bathroom.  My children’s glow sticks, worn earlier while trick-or-treating (for safety reasons) were repurposed in a dark room. I made a very bubbly bathtub, which was more fun than scary. But it looked really cool too.

But when your little ghosts and goblins have gone to bed, try a Bloody Mary for an adult version of the holiday.

Halloween is just an extra credit holiday, right? Nothing’s mandatory so any fun is better than none. We’d love to hear how and if you celebrate. Scary or sweet? 🙂

Lara x


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