Ten Questions with Emilie

It’s Emilie’s turn to answer our ten questions! I’m loving how practical her answers are in question number 7, and look how cute she was as a 10-year-old! Here are Emilie’s answers:

1. Describe your ten-year-old self. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give that ten-year-old girl?

When I was ten I had just started high school and was biking something like 7 kilometres with my friends to school — funny to think of that now. I was actually also very small, and as I was growing up in Germany, all the kids were huge compared to me so I made up for that by being cheeky and a little bit of a loud mouth. ; ) We lived in a village so we would spend all day in the nearby woods and fields playing in the summer or on the village pond skating in the winter. It was awesome. The little downside was that my mother was in and out of hospital with cancer at that time so my brother and I were very independent and helped out a lot at home. We were expected to cook and clean, and generally knew how to take care of ourselves.

I think they are three sayings I have learnt over the years: “start as you mean to go on”, “always treat others as you would like to be treated yourself” and “hold on tightly, let go lightly”. I think I have often repeated these to myself and used them as life guidelines. So I guess I would give these as advice to my 10-year-old self and I might have done some things differently…. but I am who I am because of the experiences I have had – so I guess it has all worked out in the end…

2. If you could have 10 extra minutes every morning, what would you do? Sleep in? Do yoga? Spend more time choosing an outfit?

Stay in bed with a coffee and a book. It is my ultimate luxury!

3. You arrive to the school gates 10 minutes early to pick up your kids. You pick up your phone. What do you do (emails? Instagram? Pinterest? games?)?

I quickly look at mails and make whatever is the most urgent phone call I need to make!

4. You win the lotto of £10,000. How do you spend it?

Travel, and just like Esther, take all of us on a little bit of a holiday to our surrogate home in Byron Bay!

5. You have ten minutes to prepare a meal for your family. What do you make?

Scrambled eggs, salad, cheese and bread.

6. You have ten hours on an airplane ALL BY YOURSELF with a library of every movie and TV series ever released. What do you watch?

I would watch every new movie that had come out lately, drama, comedy or documentary. I actually get super excited about being on a long flight just because of that. I still haven’t seen Big Little Lies!

7. Aliens are invading your house and you have time to grab 10 items (not including people). What do you grab?

Gosh this is hard as it really depends on the type of aliens invading my house!
1) my phone
2) my wallet
3) our passports (I am after all quite a practical person)
4) coats
5) books for everyone (we need to wait out the aliens)
6) blankets
7) pocket knives (I actually often have one of these in my handbag for picnics – my grandfather taught me that) – might me useful for an alien invasion
8) matches
9) a portable loudspeaker
10) a tent

8. You can spend ten minutes with any famous person. Who would you pick?

A friend of mine, Simon Kuper, just did an awesome interview with the author Judith Kerr, whose book “When Hitler Stole my Pink Bunny” and its sequels had a massive impact on me as a child as it was the first book I had ever read about the Holocaust. Growing up in Germany, that was big. I think a lot of people of my generation in Germany read that same book. She seems like such an interesting woman, with such a fascinating life, so I would love to spend 10 minutes with her.

9. What is something about your current self that would surprise the person you were ten years ago?

I don’t think I would ever believe that I would be living in Paris, having had all the experiences I have had! Life is so unpredictable!!

10. What do you hope your life will look like ten years from now?

I hope it is going to be full of adventures and experiences. By adventures I don’t only mean massive trips (though I do love those) but also adventures with everyone I love family and friends. I feel like they are going to be a very interesting 10 years. ; )



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Courtney in Australia
October 25, 2017

I loved reading your answers! Please come to Byron Bay! Also, I have never even heard of ‘Big Little Lies’. Haha.
Also, I think your 10-years-ago self would be so proud of your current self. Look at all you have achieved both personally and professionally!
Lots of love and big hugs, xxx

October 25, 2017

Yes to practicality! My husband is quite handy and always has a pocket knife on him. You never know when you might need it – to open a bottle of wine when travelling for example 🙂

Anna (in Colorado)
October 25, 2017

I’m loving this series! What a fun idea. As Emilie said, life is so unpredictable but so wonderful too. Here’s to the next ten years!

October 26, 2017

Thank you for sharing that! Number 7 is hysterical!!

Annie from Brimful
October 26, 2017

“hold on tightly, let go lightly” – what a fantastic mantra…I’m going to remember that one!

Courtney in Australia
October 28, 2017

I loved that mantra too. So good. x

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