Wooden Stacking Trees from Uuio

I have an (almost unhealthy) obsession with wood. Sometimes I try to imagine the most impossible things made of wood. A couple of months ago we were in a toy museum in Nürmberg in Germany and I saw an old doll from Haba made of wood, so the first thing I did when I got home is go onto Ebay to hunt one down, and now we own two – Anna and Paul, a brother and sister made of wood! I’m showing them off here in case you’re curious… Aren’t they amazing?

So needless to say I get goosebumps when I see a really good toy made of wood. If I were a single parent my kids would only own toys made of wood. Just saying. Not blaming : )

About a month ago I received an email from a new German brand called UUIO that shares my love for wood and they wanted to introduce me to their newest product, these amazing stacking trees minimalistically named TRE .

I absolutely love them. Just everything about them. They look and feel amazing and my kids love building different tree combinations. My daughter also likes to create different kinds of forest scenes with them whenever she plays with her Schleich animals.

What I also like about them is that they do need a tiny bit of a calm hand, especially if you want to build them really high, so they help younger kids train and develop concentration and their fine motor skills. My son is 3 years old and I love to watch him stack, build and rearrange his forest. Plus they look so beautiful just displayed on a shelf so I don’t mind having them “lying” around the house all the time at all!

The pieces are big and chunky, so perfect for the little hands and they are made from German oak wood and produced in Germany as well. The tree tops are varnished beautiful natural green tones with eco-friendly dyes. They are available in two different set sizes – either 14 or 23 pieces and they come with a beautiful linen bag for storage.

I only regret I didn’t wait until Christmas to give it to my children. It would make one heck of a Christmas present, don’t you think?

Polona xx


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