Maud Fontein’s Happy Holidays Shoot, back at the London ShopUp!

Maud Fontein ShopUp happy holiday shoot
Maud Fontein ShopUp happy holiday shoot

It’s become a bit of a tradition: having your kids’ Christmas photos taken at the London ShopUp by Maud Fontein. I always love checking on her during the event, to watch all of those adorable kiddos (and parents of course) having such fun in front of her camera. Maud is magical with kids, she just knows how to put them at ease so quickly and take their photos in the most natural and lovely way.

Maud fontein shopup

Maud Fontein happy holiday shoot at the Shopup

This year Maud’s holiday theme has everything to do with golden stars. She took photos of my kids last week, and they had a blast blowing and throwing hundreds of golden glittery stars around!

Maud will be set up the full two days at the London ShopUp this weekend. If you would like to reserve a specific time, it’s best to drop Maud an email beforehand, but otherwise you can just check in with her during the event.

See you there!

xxx Esther

PS Here are the Maud’s photos of my kids of 2013, 2014 and 2015. (Last year she was having a baby so no Happy Holiday Shoot that year!)


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