My New Years Resolutions 2018

I actually had completely forgotten to make New Years resolutions until I read Esther’s post earlier this week! It inspired me, so I decided to write down my very own resolutions and share them with you.

I am totally aware that some of these ideas will fall by the wayside (see above photo where I had resolved to becoming a skater, which was not that successful), but as a friend of mine always says: “start as you mean to go on!”. So I want to start the year at least with all my good intentions — and then see how I go. So here is my list in no particular order…


One of my main resolution is to be able to run 10K by this summer. I think it is a realistic goal, but I am not at all a sporty person, so I need to force myself into my running shoes. I am an enthusiastic shopper of shoes and the relevant accessories, but the actual action has up to now not been my thing. But I really want to give it a go this year!


I want to get out of the house more and have adventures. Between moving flats and life and everything, we have stopped vagabonding around as much as we used to. And we miss it. I don’t mean only big adventures (though we are going to head off to South Africa in February, which I am beyond excited about). Little trips, to catch up with friends and family. We have the wonderful chance to live in Europe and be able to jump on a train and, in a couple of hours, we can be in a totally different country. It is so easy to procrastinate, but getting out and about is one of the things that makes us happier then anything.


I have had a bit of a hard 2017 and have lost a few people very close to me. I want to stop rushing all the time and start living in the moment and appreciating what I have. We are a a really lucky family and I know that I often forget that.


A hard thing to do in a city like Paris. I read that France is one of the worst countries in Europe when it comes to recycling. How terrible is that?! I am going to do my hardest and possibly get a little worry for my balcony – I will report back on that!


My friends are scattered across the world and it is so easy to lose contact, and yet one of the big advantages of social media is that it is so easy to stay in touch. I recently received a couple of old photos from a good night at college from a friend I have not spoken to in a year. There was not even a message, but it was so sweet that she had come across the photos and thought of me! So I want to remember to send a quick message to someone when I think of them. Not a long email, but a quick message.





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Esther in Amsterdam
January 17, 2018

I love these! And I will expect you to jump on the train to Amsterdam pronto! xx

Annie from Brimful
January 18, 2018

Oh to be able to run in Paris – you lucky woman! A 10k is a great goal – go for it!

Julie Gallagher
January 24, 2018

How exciting to be going to my home country SA! Just shout if you wnt any tips. We were there now in December and such a good time x

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