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The Great Race, Written and Illustrated by Christopher Corr


We’ll soon be celebrating Chinese New Year (next month!) and this animated book, The Great Race: The Story of the Chinese Zodiac by Christopher Corr is the traditional tale of how every animal has earned its place in the Chinese zodiac by taking part in the Great Race. Florence was captivated from the first page of this book with the bright detailed illustrations. She spent so long examining each page! The story with its twists and turns played out carefully enlisting each animal and how they either worked sneakily or brilliantly as a team in their bid to gain success. The story ends explaning just why the cat and the rat’s relationship has changed to this very day.

With the noted themes of friendship and sharing running throughout the story, this is a great read-aloud story, one for all ages. It’s visually fun and Corr’s use of colour really inspires.

Christopher Corr is a well established illustrator having travelled extensively always carrying a sketchbook with him. His travels of China and his visit to the British Museum researching Chinese painting and ceramics are so evident within his work in this book. Helena has been so amazed by this book she wants to take a visit next time we’re in London to see the Chinese work Corr has so many times observed.

This is an ideal story to celebrate Chinese New Year and brings so much more thought and creativeness with it. You can purchase it directly from the publisher, Frances Lincoln here, and they ship throughout Europe, US and Canada.

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