The second trimester of your pregnancy | what essentials do you need?

The second trimester is when your body really starts to grow and you will feel your baby kick for the first time. You will radiate that amazing pregnancy glow. But you might also feel more tired and less energised than normal — much energy is now going to the growth and development of your baby! (I think I went to bed at the same time as my kids every night!)

I shared my top ten first trimester essentials a few months ago, and additionally, here is my list for the second trimester.

second trimester essentials

10 essentials you need in the second trimester

  1. Good basics: Now is the time to invest in comfortable maternity basics. Summer pregnancies are perhaps a bit easier — it’s all about staying cool! But in wintertime, I’m a big fan of layering. Good basics are a real must! I love the Storq maternity leggings and tank. The quality is amazing, they’re nice and thick and keep their colour even after tons of washes. I also love the Boob basics. This merino wool bra and singlet are warm and wonderful, and I also love this long sleeved t-shirt. (Will come in handy while breastfeeding too!) Nice maternity tights are great as they stretch over the belly and don’t have a seam in the middle. And Isabella Oliver has a great turtleneck that I like. Once your under layers are set, the only thing you need to do is find a cute dress or tunic, or a fun oversized jumper, and you’re covered! (BTW, I’ve got some great quality basics that were passed down from friends. The good thing about nice, timeless maternity basics is that they have such a long lifespan!)
  2. Belly oil: To help with that tight, stretchy feeling on your belly, and to soothe the itching. My absolute favourite oil is from Eve & Rose, it is lovely and dry and has an amazing, gentle scent (and no nasties!). Bérengère, the proprietor, just had a little baby boy and is currently on maternity leave. If you can wait, her shop opens again mid February. Otherwise, I also like the Weleda massage oil, it’s a bit thicker.
  3. Maternity clothing: I love nice maternity pieces that go beyond pregnancy. The fashion of Hatch is one of my favourites — I also wear it when I’m not pregnant! Also, this Caftan dress by Storq is super flattering, and so clever — it comes with a belt but can also be worn without, and opens far enough to allow for breastfeeding. (Loved seeing these photos of Courtney again, wearing it when pregnant with Wilkie last year!)
  4. Yoga. Nadia was my yoga instructor back in the days when I lived in London (I followed her classes when I was pregnant with Sara 12 years ago!). Her pregnancy yoga DVD offers short, 20-minute classes, which are great. (BTW, These leopard yoga leggings are super great and so cool looking!)
  5. Safe (natural) medication and remedies:. If you’re suffering from heartburn, I find that hot tea with lemon, ginger and honey can bring relief. For a stuffy nose, you can get saline nasal spray or mist. For bad headaches, it’s best to use paracetamol / acetaminophen (I did have a strong headache a few times).
  6. A warm, comfy cardigan: Again, great for layering, or simply to relax with and cocoon in. I wear mine all the time!
  7. Snacks: I love citrus fruit these days. Perhaps that’s my pregnancy craving this time? Plus, these totally raw chocolates by Ridiculously Good are totally addictive and easy to keep in your purse, in case of a sudden, unexpected chocolate craving :). Crackers with cheese are good to have around too. And nuts! (Last night, I needed crackers with cheese at midnight. Crazy.)
  8. A maternity swimsuit: Swimming is a great workout when you’re pregnant. I makes you feel light and floaty : ). This Boob swimsuit is super flattering, stretches allllll the way, and can be used after pregnancy as well, as it covers the unflattering bits nicely and allows for discreet breastfeeding.
  9. Comfy slippers: I love boiled wool ones like Gieswein, Gerups or Kitzbühel. And comfy shoes (clogs!) and cosy socks, too!
  10. Night / nursing / lounge dress: I’m loving this pretty shaped lounge dress from Francis & Henri. It is made of such a beautifully soft jersey fabric — so comfortable and lovely to wear! It has a deep V-neck which looks flattering and also magically stretches, allowing for easy breastfeeding too.

xxx Esther


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