Our favourite springtime picture books

Spring is finally here (despite the wintery weather still lingering in some cities!), and this is one of our favourite seasons — so full of excitement, anticipation, new beginnings, budding trees and baby bunnies! We’ve rounded up 14 of our team’s favourite springtime picture books perfect to read at this time of year.  Find our list below and please feel free to share any favourites you have in the comments section below:

1. I am a Bunny by Richard Scarry: Our kids love this one (and I actually remember reading it as a child)! We enjoy reading it year round, but it is the daffodil meadow page that we adore the most! — Courtney & Lara

2. A Little Guide to Gardening by Jo Elworthy: We love the series of these books but the gardening one is great for spring holiday activities. Filled with wonderful ideas and pretty illustrations it’s great for curious little gardeners. — Vanessa

3. Sonya’s Chickens by Phoebe Wahl: Every spring time my girls visit their grandparents countryside home and it’s a delight seeing them at one with the chickens and lambs. I love how this book represents life in the countryside. — Vanessa (also read Vanessa’s blog post about the book)

4. Spring by Gerda Muller (part of the 4 season collection): A great board book that can be entertained by all ages. Without any text, this is a picture book with an endless number of stories you can create. –Courtney & Lara

5. Flower Garden by Eve Bunting: The short and simple rhyming text in this book makes it a pleasure to read, and the story, about all the work and love that goes into making a surprise for someone, is even better for its urban setting. I’m always looking for books that reflect the nature of my daughter’s city childhood, and this a great one. — Shannon

6. The Happy Day by Ruth Krauss: A perfect book for the end of winter, when it seems spring may never come. Short, sweet, and full of joy. — Shannon

7. Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert: Vibrant colors and lots of little details make this book a favorite in our house. I love that the names of the flowers are included too. — Shannon

8. Mama, is it Summer Yet? by Nikki McClure: A sweet book about a little boy watching the seasons change, waiting for spring to turn into summer. — Courtney

9. Nature’s Day by Kay Maguire: Our long time favourite book for each and every season. The illustrations are divine. My girls spend so long quietly looking through this book exploring the world. The activity book is equally lovely. — Vanessa

10. Bunnies by Richard Scarry: This has been a favourite of Florence’s for a long time. She still loves reading it and calling out which bunny she’d have! — Vanessa

11. The Golden Egg Book by Margaret Wise Brown: A sweet and gentle story about a curious little bunny and an egg he finds. I adore the illustrations, which are so rich in detail. We included this book in my daughter’s first Easter basket and have been reading it every year since. — Shannon

12. Rechenka’s Eggs by Patricia Polacco: The illustrations in this book are stunning – perfect inspiration for the egg decorating so many of us enjoy each spring! But beyond that, the story is a lovely one, with an unlikely friendship, a bit of magic, and a surprise at the end. — Shannon

13. The Nursery Collection: Spring by Shirley Hughes: Part of a collection of four seasons, the series is lovely to enjoy year round! We especially love the illustrations with welies and muddy puddles! — Lara

14. The Gardener by David Small: My daughter’s a bit young yet to fully appreciate the historical context of this book, but she loved the story, full of building anticipation and a big reveal at the end. I loved the format – a story that played out through letters written over the course of many months. And as with Flower Garden, by Eve Bunting, I love that it’s set in the city, showing that there can be plenty of wild beauty even admist the buildings and concrete. — Shannon


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Sergiu Baluta
March 28, 2018

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Third Eye Chic
March 29, 2018

Such a wonderful collection of books! We’ve had the Nature’s Day activity book since last spring and have loved exploring with it. Looking forward to checking out some of the others!

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