Gilded Leaf Garland — a craft for all of Autumn

Last year we went into Autumn leaf collection overdrive, so I needed to find some clever ways to embrace the collection (mountain!) of leaves and create something artful from them. So today I will share our Autumnal gilded garland with you, which was done in stages and was really a very relaxed craft, especially since we invented it along the way.  And actually, it just so happened we made two crafts from it in the end — a garland and a wrapping paper too! Two for one crafting. Score!


To make the garland and wrapping paper you need :

  • wire, (we used fine gauge copper wire we had at home, easy enough to bend and twist tightly around the leaf stems!)
  • pressed leaves (20 or so)
  • gold water based spray paint, (look online or ask at a good art store, the one we used dried a bit tacky, so I won’t recommend that brand)
  • brass and copper plumbing rings, which we picked up randomly at a DIY shop, only to find out they are called olives, how cute is that! however, you don’t need these, we just wanted a little sparkle
  • large roll of white or brown craft paper
  • patience!

To make the garland :

Collect the leaves, (we used very big and very small to have fun with scale, and as many different types for interest). Then we pressed them flat, (in-between heavy book pages), and let them dry for a few days or a week!

Once the leaves were flat and dry (very important!) We placed them carefully on a our roll of paper. We knew we wanted to reuse the paper, so made sure the leaves didn’t touch.

Then I sprayed the paint, in a soft misting spray, but without any children around and well ventilated! Even thou it was water based, I’m always careful with mixing strong smells and children.

When the leaves dry, remove them to reveal a beautiful patterned wrapping paper. We used our paper for a few special Christmas gifts months later!

And then to finish making the garland, we twisted the wire around the leaves and the brass and copper olives! Sometimes the stems snap on the leaves, so patience (as I mentioned) is a virtue. We added in a few non-gilded leaves too to give it a bit of dimension.

We initially thought this would be a great Thanksgiving decoration, but looking at it again it would really be great for an alternative to the black, creepy, and often fake looking Halloween decorations as well! The garland is stunning, we only wish we had taken better photos for you! 🙂 When the early evening sun sets and the light bounces off of the gilded leave, it looks magical.

We kept our garland hanging up until we installed our Christmas Decor. But, however, and whenever you use use your garland, I hope it brings a bit of shimmer and elegance to your interior!


Lara  x

ps Another leaf craft we love are these very very cool masks!


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Esther in Amsterdam
September 28, 2018

So clever! I love the golden leafs and the wrapping paper is beautiful!

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