Storytime Magazine, short stories on your doormat

Is there anything better than magazine mail day? My children look forward to it ALL week. Usually on Thursdays, they get their children’s newspaper, their horse riding magazine, their junior National Geographic magazine AND, once a month, Storytime Magazine. They all LOVE this magazine!

Storytime Magazine

Storytime Magazine is a subscription magazine for kids, packed with brilliant tales for boys and girls of all ages. Ava, who is just starting to read a bit in English, loves the fact that the stories in Storytime Magazine are just a few pages long. Very manageable — she doesn’t feel overwhelmed or discouraged by the amount of text in front of her. Great for beginning readers! Of course, we also read the magazines together. I actually really enjoy reading Storytime Magazine! And so do Sara and Pim. The content is so great. There are famous fables, rhymes and poems, fairy tales, myths and legends and stories from around the world. Beautiful and colourful illustrations accompany the tales and there are tons of fun little taks, activities, facts and questions to keep readers involved. The last pages of each magazines are filled with games and puzzles etc. Super fun!

Storytime Magazine

Storytime Magazine is the kind of magazine that is put together with a lot of care and attention to detail. Not only is the quality of the content amazing, but the thick and glossy paper and the beauty of the illustrations also make it stand out. Even the envelope in which the magazine arrived is beautifully illustrated. There’s no plastic cover, there are no cheap throw-away plastic toys. And there’s absolutely no advertising in the magazine. These are the kind of magazines you keep, to be read over and over again.

Storytime Magazine
Storytime Magazine

If you would like to trial Storytime Magazine, here’s a great deal for you. Just follow this link and you can find an introductionary offer of three magazine for just £5 (a tiny bit more for orders outside the UK to cover international shipping). I’m sure you will love it!

xxx Esther

This post is sponsored by Storytime Magazine. We have worked with Storytime Magazine for many years and I love what they do and what they stand for. They are also a longtime member of our shopping portal.


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October 23, 2018

for which age is it suitable? We are from Germany an I our son (12) wants to read short storys in English…

Esther in Amsterdam
October 24, 2018

It’s suitable for all ages I think! Even though it’s probably mostly aimed at smaller children (activity wise), my 11 and 13 year old really love the stories as well. They’re certainly not childish! You could try the sample subscription and see if he like it? I think it makes excellent ‘first reading’ for older children starting to read in English. x

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