My favourite swimsuits

I’ve received four (!!) messages from friends in the last couple weeks asking for swimsuit recommendations — one friend who lives in LA, one in France, one in the UK, and one here in Byron who asked for my favourite local brands… which is surely proof that swimsuits are on everyone’s radar right now, no matter where you live! Right?

I’m no swimsuit expert, but I DO wear them often! : ) So here are some of my favourite swimwear brands I’m loving right now…

The swimsuits from Youswim are one-size-fits all and are probably the most comfortable suit I’ve ever worn. I have it in three colours and even wear them surfing and love how easy they are to throw on, wear under your clothes, etc.  And they really do fit all sizes — I’ve seen it worn by women of all shapes.

Hakea is a local Byron brand and I’m loving their swimsuits with more coverage — perfect for surfing and stylish sun protection!

Zulu & Zephyr is another local Byron brand started by sisters, friends of mine. Their swimsuits have this sexy-without-trying kind of vibe and the quality is great.  I really want to pre-order that marigold one piece above.

I’ve been a longtime fan of the US swimwear label, Malia Mills. I still have swimsuits I bought before I had ever met Michael! They cater to all sizes, plus-size and petites, and allow you to mix and match the tops and bottoms in style and size.  I’ve written about it here before, but the Dionne Maillot swimsuit is my all-time favourite suit I’ve ever owned. I have had a few over the years and LOVE them. The quality is amazing!

I don’t personally own any of the beautiful Matteau swimsuits, but I have friends who love this brand and I always think they have the nicest colours. I love their high-wasted bikini bottoms. If I were to wear a bikini, I’d choose one from here!

That’s all I can think of right now.  But please share your favourites below for anyone looking to buy a new suit! Summer is on its way to you in the northern hemisphere!

Courtney x


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February 27, 2019

Ha! I’m not the only one that asked! LOVE them all!!! 😘

Courtney in Australia
February 27, 2019

You were the first one, and then three more friends asked! So funny! It must be time for new swimsuits!! xx

Belinda B
February 28, 2019

Hey Ladies! I am loving Andie Swim – designed by women for women for reasonably priced swimsuits and also I love Marysia (when they have a sale). Their Mott Mailott is a classic! Both LA based. X

Courtney in Australia
February 28, 2019

Oh I love these tips! I think I saw something on Instagram about Andie Swim. Love that it’s designed by women for women! Thanks B! xx

March 1, 2019

I love these suggestions! I had a great Malia Mills swimsuit in my twenties and had forgotten about the brand. Thank you!

Your post prompted me to look back through your other swimsuit posts and when I read your comments about wearing maillots to cover your stretch marks, I thought of this mothermag post I’d just read.
Your choices are for you, no need to make yourself uncomfortable, but I just wanted to encourage you to wear a two piece, if you ever see one you’re dying to own. You are so lovely, in philosophies and figure, but your Instagram account shows a Byron Bay environment of extremely high body standards and I hope they’re not getting the better of you. It looks very laid back in some ways, but so über fashionable that it gets a little stressful to take in for this northern girl. You are so gorgeous and if you ever want to show that even impossibly beautiful women have the marks of motherhood, you would make a lot of people feel good. Not because they are better than you, but because you are a bad ass and a stunning mama of FIVE!

March 3, 2019

Hi Courtney! Love all these swimsuits! Just a question about the YouSwim swimsuit. The bottom part, does it go up the hip bone or down? Or it depends on your heigh (I’m 1’58 m)? (If that makes sense, not a native speaker;) Thank you!

Courtney in Australia
March 4, 2019

Hi Marta,
For me, the suit sits below my hip bone. I have a tall friend who the suit also fits just below her hip bone. But I will tell you that I have three of these suits, and they all fit slightly differently. I think it’s the nature of the suit and the fabric. (My marigold one fits me the best.) Hope this helps? Maybe have a look at the website because there are so many different women featured there with different bodies, etc.

March 4, 2019

Thank you, Courtney! It did help!

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