Otrio — a super simple but incredibly fun strategy game!

We recently were at the birthday party of our godson (who turned 11 already!), and one of the presents he received proved to be an instant hit: the board game Otrio. Have you heard of it?

Otrio board game

Otrio is a super fun strategy game, based on the universally known classic tic-tac-toe. To win from your opponent, you have to get three pieces of the same colour in a row, either in ascending or descending order, or within the same space with the three concentric circles. The rules are super simple, but it can actually be a tough challenge to win!

The game was an immediate hit with all of the people present. It is so engaging! And as the board is made from solid wood, it is also a beautiful game to play. A really fun present!

xxx Esther

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March 4, 2019

Thanks for the tip, Esther. Always delighted to hear about great games. From what age would you say this can be played?

Esther in Amsterdam
March 4, 2019

From 6 onwards, I think! (Casper could play but not win — yet.) xx

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