Indoi — slow fashion for women — maternity and breastfeeding friendly too!

Buying better and buying less for my wardrobe is something I have not yet perfected but am attempting to make a real effort at. But often fast fashion seems easier, especially with a growing bump, unless you can find well-made pieces that evolve and grow with you — silhouettes that have flexibility and are long-lasting, so you can wear them in the maternity phase, (when pregnant and round), then when breastfeeding begins, and then of course all the years to follow too.

Fortunately, the newly launched brand Indoi is the perfect find for beautiful, slow fashion items which are responsible, timeless, seasonless, and very versatile for all the different chapters of your life. I love that the models range in size from 5’2″to 5’8″ and many of the pieces are very adaptable. So not only can they be dressed up and down, and become a part of your wardrobe, they can be gifted to the next generation as well. Heirlooms to be treasured.

Indoi was created by a lovely friend of mine, Mallika Chaudhuri, who is a clever designer, mother, and artist. I’ve had a chance to try on several of her pieces, and learn about both her slow fashion ethos, and the process that her artisans bring to the collection.

Each item is of exceptional quality, designed in London, then created from start to finish in Pakistan. The collection honours and preserves traditional techniques, while supporting local craftsmen, communities and businesses. The craft behind each piece is exceptional, and you can see the makers featured here. Isn’t it so refreshing to know more about the people that make the clothing you wear?

Materials include 100% raw silk, intricate hand embroidery and amazing beadwork. I simply love the beautiful designs.

Wearing Indoi feels special. I loved the flowing fabrics that make me feel stylish with my third trimester bump. The dresses are effortless to wear, and my favourite style, the white Bibi Kimono Dress has a detachable belt so I can enjoy it loose and free, and then plan to wear it with the belt after the baby is born.

Each piece is unique, with great attention to detail, and pride in each stitch. Designed to look good, but also allowing you to move freely. Both flattering and comfortable.

Treat yourself to the styles of Indoi, or perhaps ask for it as an upcoming Mother’s Day gift? It is a great way to support and embrace slow fashion, and a lovely community of artisans as well. Buy beautiful, buy better and buy less. And buy for every stage and shape of life! I can’t wait to wear my pieces after the baby is born too.

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Lara x

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