Tuesday Tips: Enjoy some extra sleep with a homemade ‘Surprise Station’

Our children are really good at entertaining themselves at home, but it seems the minute we go away on a mini weekend break, or even for longer, they wake up earlier, with more energy and excitement! I get it, it’s the excitement of being somewhere new, but man is it exhausting!

Now that our kids are 6 and 3, we trust them to play safely, and independently, especially for an extra 20 minutes in the morning so this pregnant mama can sleep!  So I have found a solution of setting up a homemade creative space each night before I go to bed.

Over the last few family holidays, I have set up a little ‘surprise station’ that the kids wake up to. It is basically a table in the place we are staying, with a little craft project, new book, a game, or something they maybe aren’t familiar with. A piece of fruit, a little note, and a glass of water. It really doesn’t involve much — just something simple that sparks their curiosity and gives them something to do. Normally at home they’d have all their own books and toys, so it isn’t necessary. But when we’re travelling, this is the perfect alternative to keep them happy and entertained in the morning.

So instead of them coming into our room to wake us up for questions / house rules / water / snacks / or toys, this is the perfect trick! It buys us some snooze time and keeps them entertained! And do you know what… often I would wake up to see them creating and I would get inspired to do the same. See below…

Try this easy tip on your next holiday. I promise it works brilliantly!

Lara x

P.S. Some of our favourite recent getaways where this tip has worked… Wales, France, and Grananda!


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June 5, 2019

I love this idea! “Prepared” should be my second name, so I always enjoy advice that helps to run things smoother. I can see this working out even at home, because it gives the kid a nudge to do something specific, rather than wander aimlessly through too many (as we all have too many) books, toys and other stuff. Plus, it’s always nice to get a letter!

June 5, 2019

Thank you for sharing this. I will definitely try this. Did this also work when they were a little younger? My daughter is 2 and would love her to entertain herself for at least 20 min in the morning. Would make a huge difference in my morning schedule.

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