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Nell & the Circus of Dreams — an inspiring book about dreams coming true

For seven years I have been to the most magical and inspiring summertime event in the UK called Gifford’s Circus. I wrote about our family trip to Gifford’s Circus last year, (if you live in the UK, book tickets today! It is truly amazing!!!). And last weekend, as our last holiday as a family of four before the baby arrives, we were lucky enough to go to Gifford’s Circus again. It was the very best weekend. And we got to leave with one of the best souvenirs, a new book, written by the incredible founder behind this nostalgic and fun circus, Nell Gifford.

Nell Gifford is a true artist and visionnaire but she can now add author to her list. Because this book is goose-bumpy beautiful.

Nell’s new children’s picture book, Nell & The Circus of Dreams is her story, about being a little girl and stumbling upon a circus in the countryside, which sets her on a path to one day own her very own circus. It is inspiring, it is sweetly written, and it will be the perfect book for children who are dreamers and believers that they can make their own way in this world.

The illustrations by Briony May Smith brings the heart-stopping magic of the Circus to life. And the poetic writing is packed with lots of feeling… it starts with Nell and a little chick friend, and the journey begins from there. “Rosebud knew all of Nell’s dreams and all of her fears. She carried them in her soft, warm feathers and she kept Nell’s dreams safe.”

My children absolutely loved this story! They have read it every night since. It is honest, heart-warming, and beautifully written.

Inspire your children this summer with this story, and you will find it delightful too. I promise!

Nell & The Circus of Dreams is available on Amazon UK, or can be shipped worldwide from the Gifford’s Shop here, so even if you can’t see the Circus this summer, you can enjoy the magic at home in the pages of this story.



ps The sweet baby moon photos are from Sudeley Castle! I will write more about our weekend away soon. And the pyjamas are from Babyccino member, Nights by Wilder I love the unisex shorts sets in summery yellow!


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Joyce Morris
June 10, 2019

Thank you! Bought.

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