My new morning routine, and a Kimono from Yellow Meadow

Next week I am embarking on an important new phase in my life: for the first time in 11 years and from now to forevermore, I will not have school drop-offs anymore. Both of my girls will be in middle school and school drop-off and big girls just do not mix!

So finished are those lovely 15 minutes of chatting and catching up at the beginning of the day. But I admit that not having to rush out of the flat with only half of my mascara on is not such a bad thing.

I am looking forward to slower mornings when I don’t need to get dressed in a rush and can take my time having my shower — sounds pretty good, right?

The lovely label Yellow Meadow just sent over a kimono for me and this is exactly what I am going to be wearing every single morning in the near future. It is so cosy, pretty and perfect to hang out in. I have never owned any night or morning clothes — I mostly make do with T-shirt and whatever I have flying around — so I feel very happy to start my new morning routine with such a pretty kimono.

The kimono is made completely out of ecological bamboo, making it extremely cosy when it is chilly and cool when it is hot. The kimonos are designed and manufactured in a little family owned factory in Warsaw. I love, love all the beautiful, colourful prints. All the fabric are designed for Yellow Meadow drawing inspiration from nature and art. I also feel like there is a real influence of the beautiful use of colours you can find in traditional Eastern European patterns and embroidery.

So in my mind, my morning routine is going to be magical. I will slip out of bed into my snuggly gown, make breakfast and coffee, which I will be able to drink outside on my terrace. The reality might be a bit different considering summer is going to be over soon – but while the sun is still shining, I am going to enjoy my little 15 minutes in peace in my little courtyard before taking the day head-on.


PS This post is sponsored by Yellow Meadow, a beautiful small brand we love and a proud member of our shopping portal.


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Courtney Adamo
September 1, 2019

Your new mornings sound so nice! And you look so cute in that kimono. We’re still in wool socks and thick jumpers in the morning here. Can’t wait for kimono weather! xx

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