Louise Misha’s new season collection

You’ve heard it before how much I love the beautiful, bohemian-style clothes from Louise Misha. Regular readers of this blog will know it’s a brand I have loved for years. (I have a grey jumper from last year’s A/W collection, and EVERY time I wear it, I get asked where it is from! It’s one of those jumpers!!!)

The girls love their Louise Misha dresses too. I think the Louise Misha pieces appeal to the girls because they are pretty and feminine, with bright pink embroidery, ruffles and good ‘spin factor’ in the dresses. And of course I love the dresses because they are sweet, without being saccharine, if you know what I mean. It’s a win/win.

This season, I’m especially loving the pretty blouses — both for the girls and for women. Again, they have just the amount of femininity and fun.

I was also happy to see this blush pullover knit, which is very similar to the grey jumper I mentioned above. A sure-to-be favourite in your wardrobe, I can assure you!

I’m really loving the colour pink, as you can probably tell. : ) But there are lots of other beautiful colours in this new collection — lots of camel, and raspberry, and teal blues and mustard yellows. All such stunning, rich hues.

Shop the new Louise Misha collection online now.

Courtney xx

This post has been sponsored by Louise Misha, a member of our shopping portal and a longtime favourite brand. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Babyccino. xx


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October 2, 2019

This is a beautiful collection I agree! I fell in love with the blouse you are modelling but I just wanted to say that I was so disappointed to find that it is made of 55% polyamide. I can see that the brand takes ethics carefully into consideration but as a little bit of feedback, I’m trying so hard not to buy any clothing that will take centuries to decompose and release micro plastics into the environment. Additionally, at that price point, I would hope it would be made of 100% sustainable cotton. To Louise Misha’s credit, I can see that many of their other items are made of sustainable materials but sadly that blouse and most of their knitwear are not for me.

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