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“Hotel Flamingo” by Alex Milway — a sweet series for the young

A friend recently told me about Hotel Flamingo so when I saw a copy in our local library I immediately picked it up for Florence. It is absolutely delightful and we’ve both fallen in love with the characters, especially Madame Le Pig, the amazing chef. It’s a new series by Alex Milway and true to the words on the cover, it’s ‘heartwarming and uplifting’.

With pops of pink (which we always love) and fun illustrations, the short chapters and exciting plot makes this a great book for young readers who are interested in chapter books. The story is all about sweet Anna Dupont who inherits a run down hotel which was once ‘the sunniest hotel in town’. With a lot of resiliance, hope and a team of great animal friends, Hotel Flamingo  becomes that sunny hotel again.

Hotel Flamingo is the perfet book for the young. With notions of inclusivity, ideas of never giving up and the belief of working together has made this one of our current favourite reads. We’re off now to pick up the next one in the series, Hotel Flamingo : Holiday Heatwave!

Vanessa x


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