Winter Imprints on Playdough — Quite Possibly the Easiest Craft Ever!

Need something new to do with all the natural trinkets that seem to fill yours and your kid’s pockets this time of year? Take them to your playdough!

I’m always so inspired by the amount of crafting that takes place in the homes of some of the contributors here at Babyccino, especially Esther and Lara! They make it look so fun and easy, don’t they? I always have great intentions of doing various seasonal crafts with my kids, however, am not all that great at executing them, or making time for them. 

However, I was so proud of myself recently for this easy, low mess and low-stress cooler weather activity we’ve been enjoying. It’s a great way to admire and appreciate the various lines, shapes, and patterns fall and winter trees give us this time of year. What lovely imprints leaves, acorns, even oddly shaped branches can make on a blank canvas. 

For the curious:

We used this homemade playdough recipe from Esther, I don’t think I’ll buy playdough (or its accessories ever again). We’ve kept it in the fridge and it’s lasted for weeks. You’ll need to get it to room temperature for it to be soft enough to do this as a heads up.

Here are some items to collect for stamping:

  • acorns
  • nuts
  • sticks
  • pine straw
  • small pinecones
  • freshly fallen leaves (to dry and crisp won’t work well here)
  • holly branches and berries
  • fallen tree bark
  • seeds
  • rocks
  • gumdrops

I’m even thinking of taking it a step further, cutting out the individual shapes, baking them and making ornaments and paperweights. Will let you know how that goes!

This doesn’t have to be an entirely nature-focused activity. I’ve already been gathering random coins, old keys, wine corks, etc to do this again for other options come winter when we don’t want to get outside as often. We can just search the house! 

I’m sure I’m not the first to think of this and there are so many options for you to take and run with here. As my five-year-old loves to say, “it’s easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.” 

Enjoy and thanks for reading.



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