Put it on a skewer! A lunch box tip to try

ingredients waiting to be assembled onto a lunchbox skewer ingredients waiting to be assembled onto a skewer

Ah…packing school lunches. It always seems so novel and, dare I say it, exciting in September, but come January…perhaps not so much. With four months of school lunch packing behind me and five more months of lunch making to go before summer arrives, I wanted to share a little strategy that works well for us to help keep lunch interesting, varied, and, most importantly, consumed.

To help break out of the sandwich-as-a-main rut I seemed to be stuck in last year, I purchased a set of cocktail picks to use as skewers in my kids’ lunch boxes, allowing me to assemble bits of whatever happened to be in the refrigerator into something far more enticing than the ingredients would be on their own. If your children are anything like mine, they are nearly 100% more likely to eat something that’s been cubed and put on a stick, and so far this strategy has worked brilliantly for us. On skewer for lunch days, their lunch boxes are almost always emptied by afternoon, and they request the skewers when they’ve been absent for more than a few days.

The beauty of this trick is that, beyond the cocktail sticks (or whatever type of skewer works for you and your lunch box) it doesn’t require anything special and is infinitely customizable – so many things can be put on a skewer! I use it as a chance to finish up items that might be lingering in the refrigerator, and the composition of our skewers changes from season to season as ingredients become more (or less) available. Roasted and fresh veggies, cheese, meats, olives, pickles…if it’s soft enough to put a skewer through, it’ll probably work! For my son’s lunch yesterday I used ham, Comté cheese, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and castelvetrano olives. He’s not always terribly excited about tomatoes, but on a skewer…gone! What more can you ask for, really?

Do you have any lunch packing tricks that have been working well for you lately? Please share…I’d love to hear and would be grateful for the inspiration!

Shannon x

PS: Our lunch boxes are the Rover model from Planetbox.

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