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The Dictionary of Difficult Words by lexicographer Jane Solomon

Florence was gifted The Dictionary of Difficult Words by Jane Solomon for her birthday and it’s been a great hit in our house. It is filled with over 400 whimsical words which continually amaze us and words I have never even heard of before. Words like ‘bumbershoot’, ‘spaghettification’, ‘hurdy-gurdy’ and ‘ombudsman’ are carefully described and fantastically illustrated by Louise Lockhart. I mean how cool is the word ‘hurdy-gurdy’?!

We are all having great fun with this book, especially during this lockdown period. We’ve been writing out words to hang in Florence’s bedroom and also adding them to stories when we’re using our story cubes.

The Dictionary of Difficult Words is highly entertaining and really does become a popular book in the house. It’s fun for all ages!

You can purchase The Dictionary of Difficult Words online or in any good bookstore.

Vanessa x


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April 3, 2020

This looks great. What age is Florence? My daughter is 6.5 and a very avid reader, so you think this would be suitable? Thanks.

Vanessa in Scotland
April 3, 2020

Florence is 7 so I think this is also perfect for your daughter. She’ll really enjoy it! We’re having lots of fun with it. x

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