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A Child’s Guide to Wild Flowers by Charlotte Voake

As I write this we’re celebrating Garden Day in the UK and we’re about to put our wellies on and re-pot our seeds we’ve been growing in our sunroom. We’ve adored springtime in the garden this year and equally our woodland walks have been a breath of fresh air during this strange time. One book we’ve particularly enjoyed discovering is The Child’s Guide to Wildflowers by Charlotte Voake. Stunningly illustrated, The Eden Project has brought plants and people together by developing this guide for young children. Through the pages, children can develop a greater understanding of nature by respecting plants and protecting them. Sweet and delicate pictures show children how to look at flowers and they teach children the different types of leaves requesting children to get their sketchbooks out and draw what they see.

A Child’s Guide to Wildflowers can be purchased online here. It’s a beautiful book you and your family will treasure this season.

Vanessa x


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