Toy box treasure hunt – a simple game for colour and counting practice

I thought up the toy box treasure hunt as a fun game for my daughter to play making use of things we already have at home. It’s made simply and quickly with colouring pens, cardboard, scrap paper and a glue stick (and of course your child’s toy box). Happily we have found further benefits of the toy box treasure hunt include number and colour practice too!

It started out with my daughter colouring in a piece of scrap paper. Very often I’ll give her just one colour for her to draw what she likes.  I keep her doodles and later cut shapes or letters from them for cards and collages made from her work.

toy box treasure

This time, from her drawing, I cut out star shapes. Once done, Lily helped me by gluing them onto scraps of cardboard. I cut around them closely, and was left with sturdy cardboard stars for ‘treasure’. We made 10, as we are currently practicing counting to 10 in French.

I buried them amongst toys in her toy box and challenged her to hunt for them all, counting them as she went. She loved it!

Later that week we made more stars, from different colouring drawings. That time I got her to hunt for different coloured stars and different numbers. I’d say “can you find two red stars and find two blue”. My daughter is two and a half and so this sort of game is enjoys and is excited to play.

I’ve now begun hiding stars in her toy box at night, so as to leave it out for her to play in the mornings when we first come downstairs.

I’d love to know if you try this for your little one too! If you don’t keep your children’s toys in a box you could use a big bag or even a suitcase? Or maybe not toys at all, you could hide stars around their room or in an easy to reach cupboard of things?

Sydney x

P.S. I’ve shared another craft and game for colours and counting practice here.


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