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‘The Snowflake’ by Benji Davies

The Snowflake, like all of Benji Davies’ books, is so beautifully told and exquisitely illustrated. It is a celebration of finding a special place in the world and belonging. The Snowflake tells the tale of one snowflake and one little girl named Noelle. As Noelle goes for a walk with her grandpa Pappie, she wonders if the snow will fall that night. Meanwhile, far away, a snowflake begins to fall but the snowflake is afraid of falling and begins to feel dizzy. As the two characters stories grow a beautiful relationship between Noelle and the snowflake also grows.

The Snowflake is rather Christmassy as Noelle is decorating her tree, but that said, it’s a classic winter’s tale and as I sit writing this now for you, the snow is bucketing down and Florence is curled up on the sofa reading this book again. I don’t think you’re ever too old to read a picture book! And I’m looking at the snowflakes falling imaging each one has a little smile on their face and proper personalities like Benji’s snowflake. Imagination is always good, right!

P.S. If you are a fan of Benji Davies, we have shared his glorious book, Tad, here.

Enjoy (and happy playing in the snow amongst the pretty dainty snowflakes)!

Vanessa x


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