The Perfect Activity for Spring

As we move into Spring time here it provides the perfect opportunity to embrace growing both flowers and vegetables with children. Whether you have a garden, window box space or a small ledge inside, children can learn so much from the experience of growing something themselves. It can really demonstrate to them exactly how the process of photosynthesis works as well as help with learning the cycle of how a little seed can flourish and then be used to create something delicious!

We love growing our own tomatoes and then enjoying tasty bruschettas and rich tomato sauces for both pasta and pizza. It is remarkably simple and the children absolutely love the process of watching the seeds grow, it also teaches them patience (whilst waiting for the tomatoes to grow), resilience (when things do not go quite as planned) and of course helps with embracing all nature has to offer.

You will need-

  • a small packet of tomato seeds, we buy a mix of Sunblush and red cherry
  • a pot or recycled can ( we used cans and made some small holes in the bottom for drainage)
  • compost

We chose recycled cans for our growing using our favourite Mutti tomatoes and popped a few holes in the base of the cans for drainage, we then filled with compost and popped the seeds at the top a couple of cms from the top of the can before covering with a little more compost and a good drop of water. We are starting our plants off in a small cold frame this year as it is still cold here in the UK but if we start a little later the pots just go on our patio. Both children love running outside each morning to check on the tomato plants and last year we kept a small diary of the whole experience too.

I would love to hear more about your experience of growing fruits, vegetables and flowers with your children.

Emma x



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