10 Minute Suppers for Children by Poppy Fraser

I recently discovered Poppy Fraser’s wonderful book, 10 Minute Suppers for Children.  It is a genius of a recipe book, perfect for families who need some quick, healthy, inspirational suppers for their children. These recipes are just so simple and so nutritious, I find this little book perfect to dip in and out of on busy evenings. And let’s face it, most evenings are busy!

The recipes are divided into short sections and cover such things as eggs, breads and other delights. Our current favourite is the tuna, broad bean and samphire salad and my girls love making the pea salad and the tuna balls. Next up we’ve planned on making the raw banana flapjack. They sound so good! Perfect I think for a morning snack. Poppy also offers her advice on store cupboard essentials and helpful tips on which allergens are included in the recipes. The illustrations from Louisa Marcq are a sweet accompaniment to the deliciousness of the recipes and of course I should state all of the recipes really do only take ten minutes to make!

You can purchase 10 Minute Suppers for Children here.

Vanessa X




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