Bath salts to make this weekend

Taking a bath is, for me, one of life’s simple pleasures which can feel like a total luxury all at the same time.  In celebration of the humble bath, here’s a simple bath salts recipe for you to try this weekend.  Take some time to enjoy the process of making your own, collecting a selection of essential oils to experiment with and even drying your own herbs, flowers and natural scents if you have the time.  They also make a beautiful present for a friend tied up with some nice twine and a label.


Total prep time 10mins

You will need:

Epsom salts (2 cups / 560g)

Dead Sea salts (1 cup / 280g)

1 cup baking soda (1 cup / 280g) – note that this is not the same as baking powder

20 drops of an essential oil of your choice (feel free to mix a few, I used lavender and rose)

Dried lavender / dried rose petals / dried herbs

1 large jar to store

bath salt ingredients


  1.  Combine salts and baking soda in a large bowl and stir well.
  2. Add drops of essential oil – this is not an exact science so don’t worry if you go over, I also do!
  3. Stir well and adjust scent if you need to – breathe in the aroma!
  4. Stir in a generous handful of lavender, petals, herbs as you wish. Do keep in mind that these won’t dissolve and you’ll need to remove at the end of the bath which can be a bit time consuming.
  5. Pour into your container and label.

It really is that simple yet really does add to the whole bath experience.  Add candles, a good book and some relaxing music for maximum relaxation.

Do you make your own?  We’d love to hear what scent combinations you’ve tried.



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