Mummy Lights — Simple Halloween Spookiness

We are big fans of making our own Halloween decorations, and these Mummy Lights are so much fun and so simple I just had to share them. Did I mention they are perfect for last minute crafting and decorating as well? I will share a few material options too so it is more likely that you can make them with things in your home!

My two, five, and eight-year-old loved making these, and each one takes on a slightly different characteristic — from cute, to silly, to slightly spooky. We made a collection of nearly twenty and could have kept going but ran out of jars!

Materials needed are:

  • glass or clear jars (we also used some clear recycled round plastic pots to give them a new life!) — lids not needed
  • fabric bandage or gauze strips from a chemist /pharmacy — this is where you could be more resourceful — you could also use white crepe paper rolls, white paper or electrical tape, masking tape, white first aid kit tape… a smoother and different effect with the paper or tape but still fun!
  • google eyes if you have them or black fabric / felt / tissue paper circles or dots or even just black marker
  • glue — I used a glue gun but it was a very minimal amount just to tack it down so regular school glue would also work!
  • candles — we used LED candles as these will be at a child’s party and also outdoors where it may be windy, but old fashioned wax tea light candles would work beautifully in the right conditions!

To make :

  1. Simply take the glass jar and wrap the gauze around. It will stick to itself a bit so you won’t even need to glue it down along the way unless you have particularly rowdy monsters at your Halloween! Glue the very last piece when you thinking the wrapping looks right. We loosely wrapped the tops of some of our jars since we weren’t using real candles!
  2. Leave a small space for the eyes, so it appears as if the bandage is being wrapped around the face leaving eye holes.
  3. Glue the eyes on.
  4. Your candle is ready!
  5. Once Halloween is over, save these for next year or just take off the bandage and reuse the jars throughout the year.

We plan to line these up in our front windows for trick or treaters! For other Halloween ideas from @laraoflondon, see these spiderwebs, this papier mache pumpkin crafts, or this delicious pumpkin bread!

Happy Halloween!



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