Natural toys and craft materials inspiring children to do what they do best – create & play
REGION: United Kingdom
Conscious Craft believe that if we give children good quality toys and craft materials they will make and play with beautiful things that last a lifetime and have so much fun doing so! Children live in a rich, imaginative world and love to create. Conscious Craft’s carefully selected collection of tactile wooden toys, cuddly organic dolls and genuine tools can help them bring that world to life with.

This is a wonderful range of colour - from natural plant dyes, and sensation - from materials such as versatile organic wool felt and pliable, warming beeswax clay. In addition to endless supplies and a fab range of toys, there is a extensive range of craft kits for those who prefer to plump for a pre-selected option, safe in the knowledge they’ll get all they need for a fun activity!

The natural toys, paints, pencils, modelling clay, wool and paper have all been selected carefully to be toxin-free and have as little impact on the environment as possible. So good for you, your little ones, and planet Earth too! Perfect!

“This shop is an absolute Babyccino 'go-to' for craft supplies and evergreen toys”


Conscious Craft Blog Posts

A DIY wooden warrior friend from Conscious Craft
Over the summer my children received this cool wooden ninja construction kit, available from one of my favourite toys & crafts shops, Conscious Craft. It was a curious little package -- a box full of wooden construction pieces, steel bolts, and allen keys. Thankfully a clear instruction leaflet was included, or otherwise we would have been lost. Because DIY kits ...
Sowing seeds and planting beans in pretty paper plant pots
Last weekend we went to an outdoor food and craft market here in Amsterdam, and we came across a beautiful stand full of bags filled with dried beans in every size and colour, coming from every corner of the world. The children were completely captivated by the beauty and origin of all of these beans, ...
Needle (or dry) felting
My kids (and I) have a new hobby: needle (dry) felting. We really love it! It's incredibly easy to do, and so fun. Relaxing too -- the rhythmic movement of poking the needle in the wool is actually really nice. For needle felting you need just a few supplies: a sponge (a simple kitchen sponge works fine), some ...
Design your own butterfly wings
Ivy received this Design Your Own Butterfly Wings Kit for her birthday a couple months ago, and in my haste to tidy up after her party I stuck it in our craft cupboard, hidden away until we found it last week! She spent an afternoon carefully colouring and glittering her wings, and then spent the entire weekend fluttering ...