Fun & engaging craft activity kits for children from 3 to 8 years old.
REGION: United Kingdom
Cotton Twist creates super fun craft activity kits which will spark your child's imagination and encourage role play. Composed of a palette of raw materials, ranging from lollypop sticks to craft matchboxes to twine and felt, each kit comes with an easy to understand instruction and all the items you will need for the craft or activity.
You can choose from a variety of themes, like detectives, sports, fairytales or pirates, so there really is something engaging for every occasion -- be it for an afternoon activity, for a birthday party, or even whilst traveling. Cotton Twist also offers you amazing craft activity kits as complete party bags -- how fantastic is that?
We adore the simplicity (with a hint of nostalgia) of these kits. Your little ones will be so proud, building their own cool pirate's catapult or sweet magic wand!

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