Art to inspire young minds, for children's rooms
REGION: United Kingdom
Gallery Piccolo sell quality, inspiring and affordable art for children's rooms. This London-based online gallery hosts a collection carefully curated to include works encouraging children to think, learn and to emulate what they see. They are on a mission to elevate the standard of art that children are exposed to - and push back the boundaries of what is considered ‘suitable’ for a child's room.

Each artwork is intended to have enduring appeal - allowing you to invest in contemporary artists’ work, safe in the knowledge it will be treasured for a life-time. However, that is not to say that all works are expensive! We love that this collection includes a range of beautiful, quality limited edition and open edition prints, as well as original pieces -- with accessible prices across all categories!

Gallery Piccolo was created by mama Emma following her own frustrating experiences searching for good quality, original art for her children's rooms. Emma, a former art student and commercial gallery professional, passionately believes in the power of art, and that children respond positively to more challenging and visually stimulating works than we give them credit.

Emma set about creating something new. She has carefully brought together the work of qualified artists, in the field of children’s art and beyond, who fit her vision of finding original art for children to inspire and cherish.

“I love that this collection includes pieces that are both original and affordable!”