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South East Asian influenced contemporary, colourful childrenswear
Hannah & Tiff is a London-based brand with a refreshing and unique range of South East Asian-influenced clothing for boys and girls aged 2 to 10 years old.

Offering tailored pieces balancing traditional styles and heritage with contemporary silhouettes, the resulting designs offer a clean, crisp and understated look. Many items feature Hannah & Tiff’s signature hand embroidery and all huge attention to detail. These are special, yet wearable, colourful pieces – dresses, tunic tops, button shirts, skirts, and last-but-not-least the much-loved hand-quilted silk and cotton jacket.

You’ll find lots of pastel shades, pretty prints, and handcrafting skills throughout. With finishing of the highest quality you’ll find 100% premium cotton, full linings, coconut shell buttons… With hand quilting slowly becoming a lost art, artisans at Hannah & Tiff embrace the incomparable qualities of hand sewing. Machines offer speed, but this team loves the art and process of hand sewing – of creating highly precise, neatly constructed pieces with complex patterns and matching seams to the perfect points.

The ultimate pride is taken in the creation of each piece at Hannah & Tiff. Lucky for bigger people, there is also a collection for mamas, as well as quilted blankets and accessories for the home.

Advanced technologies allow quilters to use machineries to their convenience, creating simpler patterns that concealed the fine details of a hand-quilted piece.
, on the other hand, enjoy hand sewing because we believe in the true value of a. We take pride each and every item that we create and deliver as if it was for a loved one or ourselves.

“The quilted jackets are just divine!”