Ida Pearle, maker of fine art for children, and children's book author.
REGION: United States
Ida Pearle is a very gifted artist from New York creating fine art for children. She has recently published her first children's book "The Moon is Going to Addy's House".

In her sweet online shop you find the most adorable decor for children's bedrooms, so unique and special in the most amazing colour palette -- you can feel the vibrancy and joyfulness in each piece instantly.
Find customisable name prints, alphabet cards and a line of gorgeous giclee prints, but also bespoke, one of a kind cut paper collages which will brighten up your little ones' nursery or bedroom.
Ida Pearle's children's book is stunningly beautiful with such a sweet storyline while being a little piece of art itself!

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Ida Pearl -- The Moon is going to Addy's House
When we were in NY for our ShopUp event recently, I had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful Ida Pearl, artist, writer, violinist and illustrator. Ida and I had a long chat, and we experienced that funny but special click people sometimes have when they have just met each other -- that feeling of comfort, as if you ...