Versatile, effortless and contemporary bags to suit the everyday needs of urban mums
REGION: France
JOSEFINA is a collection of sophisticated leather bags designed especially for mums. These are nappy/diaper bags, but not as you know them -- effortless, versatile and contemporary, these are luxury options perfect for the modern mum.

Handcrafted in Spain, attention is paid to the very last detail, including the icing on the cake – the option to have your bag customised with initials by artisans in a Parisian atelier that works with the finest fashion houses.

Choose between the Original Josefina – an over-the-shoulder/hand carried bag, available in two sizes and a series of sophisticated colours, and an elegant, multipurpose backpack design. All are perfectly designed inside and out, with a sophisticated appearance and all the functionality mums need, from buggy clips to multiple pockets, bottle holders, and more – including a laptop pocket! The traditional bag includes an inside bag that can be easily detached and carried by itself attached to the shoulder strap, whilst the backpack is compartmentalised for the ultimate organisation.

This accessories brand, established in 2015, is the creation of friends France and Angela. When Paris-based France had her first child she found herself forced to choose between design and functionality. Instead, together with New York fashion/creative professional Angela, she decided to create the bag to suit her needs as an urban, active mother -- an ultra-handy bag that allows her to be herself - without compromising her taste and style

The internationally recognised know-how of the Spanish leather handcrafters is behind each single piece. The 100% cowhide pelt is carefully selected and slightly treated to create a solid leather bag with a matte finish, providing a sophisticated, natural and unique appearance to each JOSEFINA bag.

“I love the option to customise with initials - such a special bag to keep!”



Josefina Bags -- redefining the nappy bag
On first glance, the Josefina bag looks like a beautiful, super stylish handbag -- something you'd feel comfortable carrying into a business meeting or hanging over your arm on a date with your husband. Nothing about this bag says 'baby', and yet it happens to be an extremely practical, super handy nappy bag. The Josefina ...