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Stunning bed linen, wallpaper and décor featuring the colours and spirit of South America
Kariokas is a South American-inspired lifestyle and interiors brand that uses tropical prints to create vibrant, unique wallpaper, bed linen and accessories for dreamers big and small.

Born from a passion for the enchanting landscapes and luxuriant fauna and flora of South America, Kariokas‘s hand-illustrated designs seek to evoke the flamboyant colours and irresistible “joie de vivre” of this part of the world. You will find a great selection of wallpapers, bed linen and cushion covers, but also trays, wash and toiletry bags, sleeping bags and even pyjamas!

Full of life and fun, child-appropriate and yet not at all childish, Kariokas products are suitable for babies, children, teenagers and adults -- making them an ideal choice for décor that can stand the test of time with your growing child. Indeed, there are some fabulous options for warm parental bedrooms too!

Kariokas is the creation of Pamina. Growing up in France and Switzerland, Pamina was fascinated by holidays spent with her mother’s family spread through South America. Kariokas refers to "Cariocas", the name for the inhabitants of Rio – the city in which Pamina feels she truly belongs despite (happily) living more than 5000 miles away! With her designs, everyone can become a bit "Cariocas"!

Whilst designs are inspired by another continent, products are manufactured in France by responsible suppliers. High quality materials and state of the art techniques allow these hand-drawn and hand-painted designs to retain their unique aesthetic when translated into printed products.

“I absolutely love the way that these prints can work for any bedroom!”