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Japanese-designed stunning, modern wooden toys for all ages
kiko+ and gg* is a Japanese minimalist-design wooden toy and gift brand offering the most beautiful, inspiring, fun, creations. Design pieces, each one is pleasing to the eyes of young and old, and an instant invitation to play.

Unlike many visually appealing wooden toys, these actually ‘do’ something and have a special hidden function that children will delight in. From toy cars to child-size play cafes, magical drawing boards to mini cities, bingo vending machines to pretend cameras, sushi sets and wooden blocks, these are beautiful, modern pieces set to spark the imagination.

kiko+ and gg* offer tactile shapes for children from baby onwards and have two collections. gg* features subtle, soft muted colours that show the natural grain of the wood. Most items are finished with beeswax and come in their own cotton eco-bag. kiko+ is a collection using funky, vivid colours on often matt and unvarnished surfaces - so children can feel the wonderful texture of wood. Whichever you prefer, the result is stunning!

Each item is beautifully made, perfect for the modern home and designed to last.

“Such beautiful design - perfectly simple and pure fun!”