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Unique, sustainable products for wild and free children
Lil Bellies is a US-based brand and online boutique of unique, sustainable products for the adventurous child. This perfectly understated collection of enamelware, linen homewares and toys is designed to inspire imaginative play and a connection with nature. They feature vintage-inspired designs capturing innocence and magic of childhood.
We love the carefully selected range of products for little explorers on the go – nostalgic items made from natural materials, such as treasure boxes, wooden cameras, magnifying lenses and nature guides – all essential items for those seeking adventure and magic! And when the little travellers come home there are cloth baskets, pinafore aprons and linen napkins, all featuring the sweet Homestead logo. The range of enamelware is perfect for use at home or on the go – in the kitchen or at the campfire, for a picnic or on a bedside table. Each mug, plate and bowl is long-lasting, ecofriendly, heat-resistant and free of all nasties. And each one features a whimsical illustration with its own lovely story.
Lil Bellies is the creation of mama of 3 Claudia DiDomenico and her artist sister Flavia Davis (who creates the sweet illustrations). They believe that the most important and memorable childhood experiences are built from moments of freedom, fantasy and discovery spent in nature. The collection was inspired by their own childnhood - every time they or their sisters needed a drink their grandmother would serve them tiny tin white mugs with black handles and rims. These most simple of cups would be used for tea parties, garden expeditions and backyard camping sleepovers. And they are still going strong! Amazed by how many memories a simple, useful object can hold, Lil Bellies was born. Lil Bellies is dedicated to raising awareness to the importance of Nature in a child's life.