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Toys and clothes from around the world to inspire the imagination
Little Citizens Boutique has a cherry picked selection of unique, wonderful toys and clothes from independent brands from around the world. The collection has been curated with a global, hip, in-the-know family aesthetic that values soulful, well-made and imaginative goods for the children of the world. You'll find a charming and colourful (and often changing) selection of toys that make perfect gifts as well as stylish clothing for children from newborn up to age eight. All products are designed to inspire creativity, to support innocence and encourage wonder. They're designed to last and be passed on, and you can rest assured that each one holds a wonderful story; the fair trade ethic employed means each purchase supports craftsmanship and helps sustain the livelihood of a creative person somewhere in the world.
This boutique is the creation of mum Alicia. Half Argentine, half Venezuelan and now based in the UK (having lived in many other countries), she put together the Little Citizens Boutique collection for families like hers – ‘mixed up and curious’!

5 Questions with Alicia from Little Citizens Boutique

When we think of Little Citizens Boutique, we think of colour and fun, of imaginative and creative play. Of a shop that understands the importance of play and offers tools set to last and last. And we think of a mama who has travelled the world and ended far from her South American roots, who ...