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Extraordinary gifts for little ones
Little Extraordinaries is a UK shop specialising in unique gifts for babies, toddlers and beyond. Featuring a selection of reasonably priced yet unique items, the mums behind this shop have sourced a selection of goodies from independent brands that are perfect for a new baby, baby showers, for first birthdays and more.

The shop offers extraordinary gifts that children will enjoy again and again. There is colour, innovation and fun, and every product is beautifully made. Think tights, toys, necklaces, books and more.

This family-run business is the creation of mamas and many of the products you’ll find are those tried, tested and loved by their own children, or from independent mum brands that we have discovered along the way.

All gifts offer something that little bit different, so you can be sure you’ll be bringing a smile!

“A great place to pick up a little gift!”