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Stylish, safe and sustainable natural, non-toxic essentials for baby, toddler and home
Little Green Home is a UK-based shop with a wonderful, useful collection of organic and toxin-free essentials for your little ones and for your home. This boutique has a great selection of practical products – from toothbrushes to playmats, baby bottles to towels, mattresses to skincare, as well as teething toys, books, swaddles, pyjamas and onesies.

Each item has been carefully chosen, ensuring every product is not just stylish and practical, but also free of potentially harmful ingredients. Little Green Home is also committed to finding brands that are sustainable, ethical and plastic-free.

Founders, mamas and friends, Gwyneth and Kate, have tested each product with their own families, ensuring they can vouch for usability as well as safety. These ladies make sure your purchase does the job!

With a shared passion for organic, planet-friendly and, above all, child-friendly products, these ladies quickly became frustrated with the difficulty of obtaining toxin-free products for their families. So, they decided to put their backgrounds in wellbeing and design to use. They’ve set up their own online boutique to help other like-minded parents shop intelligently and find products that are truly nurturing, reliable, ethical and safe.

“It's such a joy to find a shop offering toxin-free options for the practical products you need (and they're cute too!) ”