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Fresh, simple, stylish, sustainable furniture that appeals to both children and adults
Little Grey Cells is a British brand offering fun and stylish, sustainable furniture for the young at heart. This collection is bound to bring a smile to the face. Surprising and playful shapes meet functionality - lightening shelves, rainbow reading benches, star mirrors - providing unexpected additions to children’s spaces .

Designs are created with their users in mind - the nook is designed to be clambered over, as well as offering a quiet place to pick up a book. It includes storage perfect for toys and shelving ideal for books.

Little Grey Cells designs incorporate both a retro style and a strong Scandinavian influence. A mix of clean lines, lots of white, and beautiful pops of colour, this brand has used classic childhood weather motifs, sustainable birch plywood and a carefully selected colour palette to produce their collection. A colourful 70’s childhood plays out here, with FORMICA acting as a central ingredient - bringing a clean, bright, retro aesthetic - and ideal for children.

This brand is the creation of Lauren, together with her friend Jane. The first product was created almost by accident, when colour-obsessed Lauren painted a mural for her rainbow-loving son. Her paintwork was beautiful, but there was something missing. A pot of gold? Not quite - a custom cloud shelf was added. A happy son and an inspired friend later, Lauren realised that she had the ability to fill the gap she had found in the market for fun, sustainable decor designed to last.

Craftsmanship and responsible use of materials is of utmost importance to this brand. With thoughts of deforestation and sustainability in mind, Little Grey Cells focus on FORMICA laminated European Birch Plywood. Lauren celebrates the natural beauty of this engineered timber by exposing the cut edges. All products are designed in Lancashire and made in Yorkshire to the highest standards.

“Practical and statement - all at once! ”