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High quality fabrics for your home inspiring the imagination and sense of adventure.
Louisa Judith designs beautiful fabrics for your home, appealing both to adults as to children. Using a high quality natural cotton and linen mix, the fabrics are woven in the UK, and designs are screen printed using non toxic pigments in the factory, North of London. With their timeless designs and authentic colours, Louisa Judith designs can be kept, loved, and passed onto future generations.

The story of Louisa Judith started with an old apothecary chest Louisa inherited from her Great Aunt and which had been handed down her family for over two hundred years. The chest was made up of lots of little drawers that held treasures that had been collected over the years. Peering into it, Louisa discovered a secret drawer with an old leather journal inside, and inside of that, an envelope. When she opened it, out fell a series of tiny animals exquisitely cut out of fine paper. Running dogs, long-legged giraffes -- each animal had so much character. These designs were made by Louisa's great, great, great, great Grandmother Isabella Button in the early 1800s.

Louisa Judith's first collection, the ‘Isabella Button Collection’ is based on these delightful paper cuts hidden away since the 19th century. What a magical discovery!