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Timeless, stylish nursing and maternity wear engineered to provide effortless privacy and endless style
LOVE COMMA is an NYC-based fashion and lifestyle brand offering stylish, cool clothing perfectly adapted to the needs of pregnant and nursing mamas. Created to flatter and to enable mamas to keep their own sense of style, the garments feature innovative designs that allow for discreet breastfeeding access.

With comfortable and good-looking functionality, these pieces empower women to express and be themselves through parenthood, from pregnancy to breastfeeding and beyond. The range includes a range of tops – casual t-shirts, smart tanks, flowing tunics, tops, comfy sweatshirts, and a whole series number of dresses, all of which you’d be delighted to have in your wardrobe, pregnant or not. There are casual and more ‘dressy’ options, so you’ve something for every occasion. Each item is one that will work and work in your wardrobe, including the all-important underwear.

LOVE COMMA is the creation of fashion industry consultant and mother of 2, Emily Hsu. She founded the company in 2012 as a response to her personal breastfeeding experiences. Born into a family specialising in high-end performance textile products, Emily spent over a decade working with some of the world's most innovative brands in garment and textiles technology.

While breastfeeding her daughter, she was constantly frustrated by the lack of clothing for nursing women that celebrated this new phase of womanhood. So she decided to use her knowledge of fabrics and garment construction to develop her own line of breastfeeding wear. She created a collection to help nursing mums feel beautiful, desirable, and self-assured. Wonderful!

“Super stylish AND practical for mamas!”